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Monday, May 28, 2012

GT does MTV Movie Awards!!

Gothic Toggs once again has the privilege of sending some awesome swag to the MTV Movie Awards this year. Thanks to the wonderful admins at The IndiExhibit we will be sending these hand painted heart shaped boxes which include hand filled glass rose necklaces featuring our signature Sanguin Lover fragrance on classic Goth black organza necklaces, and specially wrapped Gothic Toggs logo chocolate bars.

Who doesn't love jewelry and chocolate?  Also inside each darling box is a gift certificate for 15%Off  at our Etsy Shop where you'll find limited edition prints, hand painted journals, and our bath and body line. All with the Gothic Toggs style.

And I can't wait to see how our display item will be received by those attending the gift lounge. It's a gallery wrapped canvas of my digitally painted work titled, "Roses Are Red." A beautiful blond in a red velvet corset contemplates the rose at her side while classic black damask inspired vines entwine the frame.

 I will post updates on all the goings on and who stopped by the IE table after the gift lounge on Thursday, May 31st. So stay tuned!!

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