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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop and Smell the Flowers With Our Next Zazzler!

I was so happy that this Zazzler agreed to be my next "victim" LOL. This gallery is one of my personal favorites. Rarely have I seen such vibrant colors from a watercolor artist. Her style and subject matter, not to mention her personality draw you in to a world that seems to have disappeared from mainstream art. A world of country roads and coastal towns. Relaxing summer days and spring flowers. Not to mention the most adorable birds I've seen in a while.

I urge everyone to stop by and take a deep breath. You just might be able to smell the flowers.

What is your store name and why did you choose it?
It's really dull I know, but my store name is my real name, as I want to get my artwork as known as possible, plus my main website is also my own name, so its branding of a sort.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My artwork is not created for Zazzle, I use Zazzle to put my artwork on products, although I have been doing more small illustrations with products in mind lately. Generally I am inspired by nature, plants, landscapes, birds and particularly coastal images and sea shells.

What mediums do you work with the most and why?
I have worked in many different media, including mosaic and mono printing, but my specialism is watercolour painting, which I teach in classes, courses and to private students.

Has art always been a focus in you life?

I wanted to be an artist when I left school, but was discouraged by others so gave it up for about 15 years. Then after becoming a single parent, and being up a creek without a paddle (or a career) I just decided to do it. Plenty of people told me it was a waste of time, but I ignored them.

What would be the best way to describe you art to someone who has never seen it before?
Brightly coloured, detailed watercolours with lots of different techniques.

Where would you like to see your art and your store at in the next five years?

I would like to see my art in better galleries, it does sell, but it's a bit of a chaotic at the moment, due to teaching commitments and an upcoming house move/renovation. I would like to see my store making more regular sales, I simply don't have enough products due to time commitments. I am finally about to start having a modest studio built at my new house, and I am hoping that a better more organized work environment will impact on my ability to work more effectively and add products to my shop. I also wish to become known as an art tutor on a wider basis, so am writing art tutorials on squidoo, which is going really well.

If you had to pick one piece and throw all the rest away, what would it be and why?

I will choose this one, its a print of a painting I sold last year, everyone seems to love it. I have found that beach huts are a big seller, at least here in the UK. Island nation I guess, or maybe the sea just invokes happy feelings in anyone.

And, finally, if you could recommend someone else to take this quiz, who would it be and why?
sketchart26's Store at Zazzle I have met (so to speak) and befriended many talented artists and photographers through Zazzle, and enjoyed communicating with them via blogs and emails, but Rose (sketchart26) is simply one of the sweetest, most good natured people I have ever dealt with, and I think her replies would be interesting.

Some of my favorites from this beautiful store:

link to store michelewebber's Store at Zazzle

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my art, and your lovely kind comments! It looks really nice with your pink background. I didn't realise I was up until I saw the forum and it reminded me to check!I am enjoying reading all the interviews!